b2b cooperation rabbit and friends

If you would like to have our Rabbit & Friends products in our offer, please contact us.
We are happy to provide all information and send terms of cooperation.

 Regnum s.c. , Warsaw (ul.Boruty 2a).

www.regnum.pl phone: 22 818 25 21 mobile +48 605 324 271

If you work with us and would like to have access to marketing materials to promote our products, please click the banner below.

We share folders with materials via Google Drive.

To access, just click on the banner below and log in to your Google account, then select "Request access"

There you will find pictures to create banners for your website, product photos or the latest Rabbit&Friends catalogue with our lamps and other products.


In case of problems, you can also write to us at rabbit@regnum.pl