Fan with lamp

Don’t lose your cool when the weather heats up. Thanks to this portable fan, charged with a micro USB cable, you can enjoy a cool breeze at home, at work, or when travelling. This device provides a much-needed respite to anyone wanting to escape the heat on sweltering days.

As the fan is battery powered and does not need access to the mains power supply, it can stand on a desk or shelf, or be carried onboard a train or bus. When fully charged, the fan will run for approximately 3 hours. It is recommended to fully charge the battery before using the fan for the first time. The charging process is signalled by the red LED indicator. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the fan’s battery.

The head of the fan can be tilted up and down, allowing the stream of air to be suitably directed. The fan has 3 speeds. The first press of the button activates the blades, and the air flow is gentle, the second press increases the air flow, while the third press makes the air flow powerful. By pressing the button for the fourth time, you turn the fan off.

The device has a built-in lamp, sufficient to illuminate the darkness around the fan.

Both the fan and the lamp can work independently or together. To illuminate the lamp, press and hold the button and repeat the action to turn off the lamp.


Basic parameters:

Material: ABS + silicone + metal

Dimension: 150x89x169 mm

Charging time: ~ 2h

Operating time after full charge: ~ 3h

Contents of the package:

1. Fun with lamp

2. Micro USB charging cable

3. Instructions and warranty information


This product is not a toy. Children under 7 years of age may use the product under adult supervision only.

Before using the product for the first time, make sure to read the operating instructions, as well as safety and warranty information contained in the user manual supplied with the product.