Wake up Light

Wake up light with alarm clock
The lamp waking up with light by Rabbit & Friends arose from the needs of mothers and the joy of children.

We know what a problem is to waking up, especially for children. It is still dark at home and it's hard for children to wake up and start another day. Rabbit & Friends came out to meet the expectations and decided to introduce a product that will help in a daily wake-up.

Wake up light

The Wake Up Lamp will turn on 30 minutes before the main alarm with gently lights and the intensity of the light will be more and more stronger. It's imitating the sunrise wich helps to wake up. In addition, 15 minutes before the main alarm, the alarm will ring  with 50% intensity wich additionally stimulate the body to wake up. For those more resistant, after  main alarm ring, it also has a snooze function.

We have 5 sounds to choose from, including 2 sounds of nature.

Our Rabbit, apart from the displayed time and alarm clock, is also a lamp which intensity and color can be changed.

Wake up Light RabbitAndFriends

Another function is "sunset". We can set the time at which the lamp will light and its intensity will decrease for 30 minutes. For those children who do not like falling asleep without light, this may be a good solution. For others, it will be a sign that it's time to go to sleep.

The Rabbit & Friends alarm lamp has a bunny shape, is soft pleasant to the touch and comes in 3 colors: pink, green and blue, making it perfectly match the decor of a children's room.

Despite the fact that it was created for children, the lamp is also a great gadget for an adult who likes to gently wake up with light and sound.

Wake up light RabbitAndFriends Wake up Light alarm Clock

Before using the product for the first time, make sure to read the operating instructions, as well as safety and warranty information contained in the user manual supplied with the product.
Caring for safety of use, the lamps have undergone a series of tests and meet the standards set out in CE and RoHS certificates.
Rabbit & Friends lamps are a great gift for parents and their children. A nice box and parchment, in which the lamp is wrapped, make the product a ready gift.
To activate the alarm lamp, connect it to the power via the supplied micro USB cable and plug. This product is not a toy. Children under 7 years of age may use the product under adult supervision only.