Welcome to the world of Wonderful diffuser from RabbitAndFirends

Our lamp with charming ears is a unique product. In addition to the fact that you can change the color and intensity of light, you can activate the humidifier function. Pour water into the special container located inside the lamp, connect it to the power and turn it on. A delicate mist rises thanks to that You can moisturizes the room. You can set to run continuously or to turn on the intervals ( 30-second on and off).

The lamp can also be a diffuser, which means that you can add a few drops of fragrance oil to the water container. Essential (aromatic) oils have a caring and therapeutic effect. They can help with coughing, help you relax, and thanks to the use of mist (not heating, as in the case of fireplaces), they do not lose the properties of the oil. Remember, that before pouring the fragrance into a container with water, check which oil is best for the baby's age group.

Our diffuser-lamp can be lamp and a humidifier at the same time, but we can also use only one of these functions, which is why it wins hearts not only for babies, but also adults who can use it as an aromatherapy product.

Below you will find more information about the Lamp - diffuser:

Product features

1. The product has a light emission function with a soft  color.

2. The mist is created by ultrasonic vibrations, increasing the air humidity. You can add a water-soluble oil to the water to take advantage of aromatherapy.

3. The product is powered by a 24V - 500mA power supply

How to use:

1. To start the device, close the lid.

2. Connect the power, and then plug the power adapter.

3. Pour water into the tank, not exceeding 100 ml. Do not add water when the product is turned on and do not use high temperature water. Essential oils can be added to the water tank (it is suggested to add 0.1-0.15 ml of essential oil per 100 ml of water).

4. To close the appliance, place the top of the cover so that the steam opening and buttons are level, then turn the cover counterclockwise.

LED light

To turn on the light, press the LIGHT button - the light will turn on with changing colors. Press the LIGHT button to hold the selected color. With successive presses, you will be able to select strong or dimmer light. Pressing LIGHT for 2 seconds will turn off the light. The lamp can work regardless of whether the mist is on and vice versa.


Press the MIST button to turn on the mist. It will appear every 30 seconds (green LED lights up). For the mist to work continuously, press the MIST button once again and the operating mode will change to continuous (the red diode will light up). Pressing MIST a third time will turn off the mist function. Turning off the mist function will also take place when the water in the container of the device runs out.

5. If the product will not be used for a long time, clean it and put it in a dry place.

6. If the mist does not rise after pressing the MIST button, a warning signal appears and the device turns off, check whether there is water in the container. The product will not operate in MIST mode without water.


1. Do not pull or deform the electric wires.

2. Place the device on a flat, stable place.

3. If the power cables are damaged or the plug is loose, stop using the product. If you notice a peculiar smell, noise, or malfunction, then there is a problem with the product or adapter and you should immediately pull out the AC adapter and stop using the product.

4. Do not put the adapter in wet places.

5. To maintain your health, please pour out all the water after using the appliance and clean it with a cloth.

6. If you spill any essential oil on the device, clean it immediately.

7. Use a container to pour water into the device. Do not put the device under the tap.

8. Do not turn or shake the device when water is still inside the device.

9. If you want to use the mist, do not place the device close to the wall. Do not use the mist when it is pointing towards furniture. Do not let the device point directly towards the air conditioner, fan and sunlight.

10. Do not place the device near devices such as TVs and sound systems.

11. The maximum use time should be 10 hours, otherwise it should be stopped.

12. The device must be turned off for one hour after long time use to prevent damage to the ultrasonic plate.

13. Do not touch the device if your hands are wet.

14. The device must not be operated by persons with limited psychophysical abilities or who lack experience or knowledge about this device, unless they do it under the supervision of a person responsible for their safety or have been instructed in detail in the use of this device. Use of the device by children is allowed only if they are over eight years old and they do it under the supervision of a person responsible for their safety or have been instructed in detail in the use of this device.

Dimension: 10.5 (Dia) * 16cm

The product is not a toy.