The book "Bear and Darkness" tells the story of a bear who is afraid of the dark. One day, the bear decides to make a present for his mother, but before he knows it, it gets dark around him. The bear feels anxious, tense, worried, and wants to find himself in his mother's arms as soon as possible. The darkness comes to his aid, and eventually, the bear becomes friends with it.

"Bear and Darkness" is a book about one of the most common fears in children - fear of the dark. The story told from the perspective of a frightened bear is closer to a child who experiences similar emotions. The child learns with the bear how to deal with fear and has the opportunity to experience these emotions in a safe way. The child can stop reading at any time or ask an adult to accompany them while reading. With such a possibility of distancing, the child has a chance to gradually familiarize themselves with the fear-inducing situation while at the same time retaining control over the degree of immersion in the story.

This book is a good read for active reading with a parent, followed by a conversation. After reading, you can draw a bear with your child and write down what the bear felt, why he felt it, and then look for other ways to cope with fear. Additionally, Rabbit&Friends offer a night light identical to the bear in the book, which can be used to play out the scene. You can reproduce the story of the bear by drawing a forest beforehand or preparing the scenery. This form can facilitate a difficult conversation with the child about fear because it will have the character of an attractive theater play.

What's more, a lamp in the shape of a brave bear who befriended darkness can simply help our child in trying to overcome their own fear at night! The lamp itself will not only decorate the room or be a source of light at night but, above all, it will be a support the child.

Psychologist, school psychologist, storyteller therapist, bibliotherapist.

Daria Kaźmierczyk-Romańczyk

An article about developmental fears, ways to deal with it and a review of our book can be found at psychotki.pl



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If you think you are alone in the statement "My child is afraid of the dark", you are wrong. Many children struggle with this problem. Our role as parents is to help them overcome or tame their fear of the dark. My child is also afraid of the dark, so I will give you my real life examples that helped us in this fight, all to ensure comfort and a good night's sleep for your child. However, I must warn you that this fear will not disappear like a wave of a magic wand. And you will repeat more than once - My child is afraid of the dark. Babies are afraid of the dark, but also seven-year-olds who sleep alone. Teenagers are also afraid of the dark, of fears, and even of monsters. I know your pain very well! These fears are accompanied by a lot of stress for us as parents as well. I am also sad when my Zoe with horror in her eyes says,, Mummy, turn on the light, I'm afraid of the dark. At these moments I feel powerless, so I decided to act. I love my children with all my heart and they can always come to our bed, but on the other hand we all need sleep.

(Bogna Bojanowska)


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Jak zaprzyjaźnić się z ciemnością, czyli „Miś i Ciemność”

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Lots of kids, younger or older, go through the stage of fear of the dark at some point. For a few days after watching a horror movie, I am afraid of my own house at night. Sooner or later, most parents will have to face this topic. On a blog about something that can help you with this.

(Wiola Wołoszyn)

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Czerń jest co najmniej fascynująca.

A little black dress is a type of dress that many stylists consider a must-have for every elegant woman. Black, strong coffee is a good start to an intense day. Going deeper, black, considered as the opposite of light, has for centuries symbolized not only night, but also the darkness of evil, darkness and sin. In many cultures it means death, people in mourning wear kir. There are secrets hidden in it, muted eyes give way to other senses that stimulate the imagination. In the deep night, beyond the reach of the city lights, we feel more and more intensely - every rustle can make you shiver... Józef Wilkoń, one of the greatest Polish children's literature illustrators, often and emphatically says that we unnecessarily protect the youngest from darkness. That it is a natural component of life - you should not be afraid of it, in his case we are talking about illustration, but this message can be extended to more philosophical issues. Can you meet the darkness? Children are so often afraid of it, this is probably due to the centuries-old stories passed from mouth to mouth. Fear of the dark forest was supposed to protect people who hid in the glow of the fire. Today we have brick houses and safe apartments, but the fear of the dark is still deep inside us...cont.

Barbara Górecka / Dom Bajek