Rabbit & Friends  is a family brand that has created collections of unusual lamps for children and their parents. Lamp designs are created with respect for the authenticity and uniqueness of each child. The lamps will provide friendly lighting for a child's room and will provide a caring company both at night and during the day. The products are made of the best materials, are characterized by simple shapes, modern design, functionality, attention to detail and high quality.

The lamps tame the dark. Lamps illuminate the surroundings with warm, friendly light. Providing support for children who feel fear of the dark. They support shaping habits related to falling asleep, facilitate falling asleep and guard the peaceful sleep of the youngest.

Lamps emit warm, soft light. They will ensure friendly lighting in the children's room, providing the right atmosphere and a sense of security. The color palette of the lamps will create a unique, harmonious, warm atmosphere in the room with soft light.Slightly older children will be used as portable lighting on the way through the dark corridor to the bathroom or parents' bedroom.

The lamp is not only a functional element of a child's room, but also a designer decoration. The simple, universal nature of the lamps makes them fit into almost any arrangement. Their charming and funny shapes arouse admiration and bring a smile to every child's face. The lamps are available in friendly, pastel colors.

Friends play lights. In the company of Rabbit & Friends lamps, the child can have fun and spend time pleasantly. Thanks to their compact size, they allow you to accompany your child all the time. The lamps allow you to read fairy tales in the evening, play with light and colors. The lamp works on tapping, remote-controlled versions are also available. Its operation is intuitive - even a toddler can handle it without any problems..

The lamps are pleasant and soft to the touch. Silicone lamps, under your fingers, make a very cute, slightly silky impression. For children, they become a favorite cuddly toy during the day, which they can also take with them to their bed. After squeezing, the lamps change shape, and after a few moments they return to their original form.

In the first months of a child's life, lamps are an invaluable support for parents. The gentle light of the lamps makes it easy to look after the little ones, take them out safely and put them in their bed, care, changing diapers, and feeding or breastfeeding. During the disease, they will make it easier to measure the temperature, administer fluids, medications, without the need to expose the child's eyes to bright light. In addition, they will prevent parents from stumbling or falling in the dark.

Lamps with a multifunctional remote control make their use much easier, especially for a nursing mother. Controlling the lamp from a distance of a few meters allows you to turn it on and off, adjust the brightness level, change its color, and the way of changing from color to color, without fear of waking the child. .

The lamp is an indispensable friend on the road.. Long journeys with a child are quite a challenge and here comes the beloved lamp. In her company, children endure the long, tedious journey more easily. The silicone lamps are very light, they can be easily packed in hand luggage and ready for departure at any time, thanks to charging via a micro USB cable. When we want to keep a child occupied for longer, lamps with a loudspeaker function will be the perfect solution, which allow you to play your favorite music and fairy tales using your smartphone.

Lamps with a loudspeaker allow you to play your favorite music, fairy tales and lullabies at any time and place. A lamp with a loudspeaker develops the imagination during the day, supports fun, relaxation and tranquility before bedtime. All you need to do is pair the speaker with a phone, laptop or other device via Bluetooth and enjoy good quality sound.

Your child's safety is a priority. The lamps do not have sharp edges and do not heat up thanks to the use of LED technology, which eliminates the risk of burns to the child, even when the lamp is squeezed firmly. They are made of high-quality, certified, safe, BPA-free silicone. Providing safe use for the youngest children, even when they will train on them the possibilities of their first teeth. The lamps meet all standards in accordance with applicable European Union directives, have CE and RoHS certificates, which means that they do not contain chemicals harmful to health. The lamps are not a toy, but have passed the EN71-1 / 2/3 toy safety tests due to the fact that our product is dedicated to small and large children.

Lamp care. The silicone casing is highly resistant to damage and retains its aesthetic appearance for years, and keeping it clean is extremely easy. No worries, you can wipe it with a damp wall