How long does the Rabbit & Friends silicone lights shine?

Teddy Bears, Cats, Rabbits and Ducks lights after full charging can light about 15 hours on white, and about 12 hours when it’s on changing color.

Small bears and cats are powered by 3xAAA batteries. Time depends on the power and quality of the batteries, and because they pass one in rest mode after 1.5 hours, it is difficult to clearly determine their lighting time (about 36h)

Is the product safe?

Rabbit & Friends lamps are products which are made with safe and clear silicone with certificates CE and RoHS. LED lamps comply with applicable European Union regulations and standards also have CE and RoHS certificates.

Does the lamp warming up?

The Rabbit & Friends silicone lamp use only LEDs lamps which do not acquire temperature. In addition, the diode system is protected by a plastic dome. .

What chargers can I use to charge the lights?

The lights should be charged by using USB cable, which is supplied. Do not use fast chargers from phones that can burn the lamp mechanism (e.g. 9V / 2A; 12V / 2A; 5V; 3A etc.))

Why does the lamp have sensory properties?

Our silicone LED lamps have beautiful shape, texture and emitted nice light. Depending on the color, light supports cognitive needs, calms down, connects and concentrates attention. For example, red and orange can activate children who are sluggish and of little interest in the surroundings, and blue can calm down overactive and irritable ones.

How to care and clean the lamp?

The Rabbit & Friends lamps are made of high quality silicone. Don't worry, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. Water with the addition of antibacterial soap for children works great. Remember not to soak the base of the lamp where the electronics / diode system is located.

Rabbit & Friends lamp for a gift. For whom?

Our product is a great idea for a gift for young parents. The soft LED lamp with color lights will be a great for the layette. Parents will certainly appreciate the lamp during evening and night activities around the baby.

Does the silicone lamp give a lot of light?

The light of large Rabbit & Friends lights is delicate, but it lets you see everything. By changing the color we decide how much we want it to light up in the room. For example, the red color of light is the weakest, at night it gives only spot lighting, white gives light the most. With the remote control lamp we can also increase and decrease the light intensity. You can find more about pilot lights HERE

Rabbit & Friends? What brand is this?

Rabbit & Friends is a Polish brand belonging to company Regnum s.c., which is also family company. it's on the market since 2000. Lamps arose from the needs of one of the co-owners – happy mummy of two small children.