LITTLE BEAR lamp - white

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Silicone, soft SMALL BEAR lamp with changing colors is a charming, small lamp perfect for a child's little hands. Thanks to its compact size, it allows you to accompany your child all the time. It works great as a play companion both at home and on the go (thanks to its battery operation). The lamp affects the child's well-being, facilitates the process of falling asleep and will help parents in night care procedures.

The idea behind the Rabbit&Friends silicone lamps was to meet the needs of mums and bring joy to their children.

We know how important it is for your child to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. The fear of darkness is one of the most common and biggest fears among children. It comes to the fore when the child’s imagination begins to develop. This fear is a cause of considerable anxiety for both children and their parents, who often struggle to find a solution to this problem.

This luminous friend is a wonderful gift for your child and yourself, as it will ward off any monsters, settle the child down and lull it to sleep.

The LITTLE BEAR Rabbit & Friends lamp is a unique bedside lamp with a characteristic and funny look. The lamp is distinguished by an attractive design and functional workmanship. Perfect for a child's room and as a great travel companion thanks to its battery operation. The compact size of the Rabbit & Friends lamp allows you to accompany your child all the time. It works great as a companion of evening games, bringing a smile to the child's face.

The lamp's color palette will create a unique, harmonious, warm atmosphere filled with soft light. The lamp works for patting.
The LITTLE BEAR Rabbit&Friends lamp will turn off automatically after 1 hour.

The Rabbit & Friends lamp does not heat up. It is made of high-quality, soft, pleasant to the touch, certified, safe, BPA-free silicone, ensuring safe use for the youngest children.
The lamp is powered by batteries: 3xAAA.

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Data sheet

Silicon & ABS
Device operation time
12 h
10 x 8,6 x 8,6
CE, RoHS, EN71 - 1,2,3
Power Interface
3 baterie AAA
4.5 V

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Bear BIG Rabbit & Friends lamp with a remote control is an irreplaceable friend of playing and falling asleep together. The lamp will provide friendly lighting, affecting the child's sense of security and development. It support to child habits related to falling asleep and helps children to sleep in a calm, healthy way. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, which means that it can be used as a cuddly toy that a child can take with him to his bed. It will help also parents with care at the night. The multifunctional remote control will make it much easier to use the lamp at night. With our Rabbit&Friends  Bear, the toddler will feel safe and fall asleep happy.

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The Rabbit&Friends FAN LAMP provides a breeze of cool breeze during hot days and nights, anywhere and anytime. The fan has a three-stage air flow adjustment and the ability to set the angle of the product. It is characterized by a very low noise level. An additional advantage is the design of the stand, which allows you to place or hang the lamp anywhere.

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check.png 3 mini lights included: duck, octopus, turtle
soft silicone skin
powered by a CR2032 battery
easy to clean
auto power off mode after 1 minute
check.png lamps do not heat up
1 battery is enough for about 900 full lighting cycles

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CHICKLET lamp with carousel music box - pink is a guarantee of the well-being of the youngest children, both during the day and at night. It provides soothing company and supports the development of healthy, regular sleep. The lamp stimulates the development of visual-auditory coordination in a child that begins in the first year of life. The calm, delicate sounds of the music box will soothe every baby and put them in a relaxing mood.

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The Rabbit & Friends DIFFUSER lamp with rabbit ears brings a number of benefits of air humidification and aromatherapy. This is a proven way to improve the level of humidity in a child's room. The cool mist produced by the device is pleasant and safe. LED light with changing colors allows for convenient operation of the diffuser at night. A lamp with a diffuser is a healthy, pleasant and comfortable sleep for every child.