WHALE Silicone lamp with remote control

Reference: 52-0050

Soft, silicone whale lamp. A charming water creature will light up the room and help parents change diapers, and let older children who do not like the darkness fall into a good night's sleep. It works on patting and you can set the colors with the included remote control. It is possible to set the sleep mode after 2 hours.

The Whale Rabbit & Friends lamp has the characteristic and playful shape of a whale with a charming oval shape, with a wide, smiling face, fine eyes, front fins and a tail fin rolled up over the top.

It works great as a companion of evening games, bringing a smile to the child's face. It allows you to read fairy tales before going to bed while providing soothing company and a peaceful, safe sleep. At night, it makes it easier to look after the youngest children, change diapers and breastfeed. Slightly older children will be used as portable lighting on the way through the dark corridor to the bathroom or parents' bedroom. The whale is the perfect travel companion thanks to its micro USB charging.

The lamp is soft and pleasant to the touch. After squeezing, the lamp changes shape and returns to its original shape after a few moments. The lamp's color palette will create a unique, harmonious, warm atmosphere filled with soft light. The lamp works for tapping. An additional feature is the ability to set the lamp to automatically turn off after 2 hours. The lamp operation is intuitive - even a small child can handle it without any problems. The multi-functional remote control enables: switching on and off, adjusting the light intensity, selecting the color of the light (4 main colors and 12 intermediate colors), lighting color change modes: flickering, pulsating, smooth transitions.

The Rabbit & Friends lamp has no sharp edges and does not heat up (thanks to LED technology). It is made of high-quality, certified, safe, BPA-free silicone. Providing safe use for the youngest children, even when they will train on them the possibilities of their first teeth. The Whale Rabbit & Friends lamp will appeal to every toddler and will become an irreplaceable companion of happy days and peaceful nights for a long time


Data sheet

Device operation time
around 12H
8,9 x 133,6 x 10,8 cm
CE, RoHS, EN71 - 1,2,3

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